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    The quick release is a funny component. Perhaps undervalued or simply overlooked, it holds the wheels to the frame. That’s actually a pretty big responsibility for such a tiny thing. Since the early twentieth century it’s been through small revisions and now has two distinct forms of operation. There are two types of QRs - external cam and internal cam. The former does what it’s supposed to, but suffers an inferiority complex when compared to the latter. Internal cams offer substantial clamping force which is lost with most external types. Many ext. types use plastic or rubber bits near the lever which translate to compression. Basically, with the external jawns it takes much more force than an internal cam to clamp the hub in the dropouts.

    Paul Components finally tackled production on a quick release of their own which ought to set the benchmark for no-nonsense internal cams. The skewer rod is made of stainless steel which screw into aluminum heads on the other side. The lever handle is a mashup of both materials. I’m sure Paul Comp. anticipated how well these would sell upon release (no pun intended) but even domestic production sometimes cannot keep up with demand. As of right now, Box Dog has a set or two among its inventory, but last I heard, the well is dry at Paul. They’re working hard to crank out more quantities. For now they come in three widths (100mm front, 130/135 rear, and the common denominator for fat bikes at 170mm), and two colors (black or silver, both anodized). At $50 each Paul quick releases do make for a significant upgrade, but they’re something you can be proud of while providing long-term confidence that they’ve got you (or at least your wheels) covered.

    Link to our webstore here and here.

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